Viral Video vs. Effective Video Marketing

There’s a lot of pressure these days to go viral, but is that the most effective video marketing strategy?  Sure, if you’re Coca Cola and you want to sell your product in Ukraine and Uganda as much as you do in the US or UK, that might work for you.  However, if you run a painting and decorating firm in Cleckheaton, getting thousands or millions of views from outside West Yorkshire is essentially worthless. 


Of course the stats look good and it’s amazing to think that people 10,000 miles away are watching your business partner Gary gargle lager to the tune of Shake it Off by Taylor Swift, but will it bring any more business in?  That’s debatable. 


You are better off creating a well-crafted, beautifully presented clip that tells people in your area why they should use your business.  It can still be funny if you want – silly even – but there’s a lot more to effective video marketing that just going viral. 



Why Going Viral Isn’t Everything


Branded content does go viral. Sometimes. It can go viral for the right reasons (or at least the reasons the company intended). Sometimes. It can go viral for entirely the wrong reasons if a brand misjudges its audience or message. It can also go viral for what seem like the wrong reasons, even though secretly the company knew what they were doing and figured that all publicity is good publicity. Sometimes. 


Most of the videos that go viral, as in worldwide viral, are not connected to brands. They are Charlie biting his brother’s finger, the Star Wars kid filming himself practising his lightsaber skills or a panda sneezing. These are things that are universally funny or cute, and work around the world. You can’t stage these moments; they happened naturally and their popularity was an accident, not a design. 


Videos that best market your company take more effort, planning and targeting, and that’s where Big Zoo can help. 



Effective Video Marketing for Your Business


If going viral worldwide isn’t the key, then going ‘locally viral’ is. You need a video that speaks to the people who might use your services or buy your products. We discuss your target audience with you and work out their needs, the questions they want answering relating to your business, their likes and their dislikes. 


By carefully aiming content at them, you increase the chance of them wanting to watch the video when it pops up in their social streams or on your website. It also means there is more chance they will keep watching to the end (badly targeted videos have a huge drop-off rate, as people’s attentions wander). In addition, they are more likely to share your content with other potential customers in the area.



Video Style


How you present your message is up to you and depends on what you offer and who you want to talk to. It could be funny, it might have an urgent tone to stir viewers into action, it may pull at their heartstrings.


This isn’t a scattergun approach like with viral videos, which succeed because they connect with everyone. The best way for you to bring in new custom through video is to narrow your sights at those people who you stand the best chance of converting. 


It’s no use having a video for a gym that appeals to five-year-olds, and there is no point engaging the over-80s demographic with a promotion for a new grime event at a local nightclub.   



Marketing Your Video


Whereas many of the biggest viral videos were simply made public without expectation and caught a wave of popularity, the best performing business video campaigns needed careful planning.  We can guide you through optimising them for social media and search traffic.  We can also help you put the videos in the places that will get them noticed by the right viewers. 


Take a look at some of the effective video marketing campaigns  we have powered recently. 



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Yes, targeting video at your prospective clients takes a lot of effort, but we do that for you and it is worth it in the end. It is the number one way to appeal to your potential customers and to convert them to using your services. 


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