video is vital to marketing

This is Why Video is Vital to Your Marketing

If you have a brand to market, you need to use video. It’s THE most important weapon in your armoury and Big Zoo can help you out with everything you need. Here’s Why Video is Vital to Your Marketing.


You’ll Rank Higher on Google


The time a user spends on your page sends a strong message to Google. If people take a quick look then navigate away, it could flag up to the search giant that your content is not worth ranking. Stick a video on your landing page and you are much more likely to keep a user engaged, clocking up the seconds that tell Google you deserve to leap up the rankings.


Explain Your Product or Service in a Video


Of course you need text on your website so Google can understand your business better, but trying to describe absolutely everything that you offer could lead to a wall of text that frightens users off. A video is the perfect alternative – offering a full explanation in a professional and fun way.


A mighty 98% of users say they have learnt more about a product or service by looking up a video on the subject. Not only that, but more than a third would be willing to register and share basic information about themselves after viewing a brand’s video.


Gain Trust


Following on from that, the reason they would offer their details is because a video shows a brand to be more trustworthy. If a user can learn as much as possible and visualise how your product or service works, they’re more likely to feel warmly towards you. That is one of the key powers of video marketing.


Earn More


Let’s not mess around, you’re in business to make money and marketing is a way to bring in new customers who will use your company. Video does that, and more than three quarters of marketers who have used it were impressed with the return they saw on their investment.


The professionalism of a well-made video and the directness of the message that video allows are such a tempting proposition for potential customers that you won’t be disappointed.


Sharing is Caring


Look at your Facebook feed – people love to share videos, don’t they? It’s the main way we consume content nowadays and you need a piece of the action. Make a good video and your customers could become your sales people by sharing your message with their friends and followers.


People Pay Attention


We may have developed a filter that no longer pays attention to banner ads online, but people still pay attention to video, even when they’re watching something that is obviously an advert. If you target your ideal audience on social media, the chances are they WILL watch your content. More than half of users continue to enjoy the content even if it is obviously branded, and that is extraordinary compared with other types of advertising.


Similarly, if you stick a video in an email newsletter, your click-through rate goes through the roof. Already have a decent database? You know the people in there are interested, so let them know what’s new with the most powerful marketing tool around.