using video for internal communications

Why Video is the Perfect Medium for Internal Communications

Using video for internal communications is the perfect way to keep your employees up to speed with what is going on in your business without having to resort to that scourge of office workers everywhere – the dreaded Powerpoint presentation.


Here are three of the ways that video communications can help your business.



It Fits Around Your Employees


One of the biggest issues with summoning your entire staff to a meeting in order to communicate important company information is that it’s almost impossible to find a time that suits everyone. In fact, it would be worrying if all of your employees could easily drop what they were doing in order to receive the information you need to impart!


There will always be staff members deep in concentration whilst working to a tight deadline, chained to the phone chasing up invoices, visiting clients or performing any number of other important duties that keep your business rolling and means they can’t afford to spend an hour sitting in a stuffy room.


If you distribute your important communications in a video, your employees can watch it at their convenience, rather than interrupting the task at hand, and those who are off-site can view it on a mobile device wherever they are and whatever they are doing.



It’s More Personal and Engaging


If you could sit down with each employee individually and discuss the latest internal developments, you would. People are much more likely to engage with that kind of personal message than they are with what they hear as part of a bigger audience. Unfortunately, it just isn’t practical to dedicate that sort of time in a medium to large business, but video can do the trick for you.


Videos don’t address the crowd, they talk directly to the viewer and that makes the listener much more receptive to the information contained within than they would be if they were on the receiving end of a group lecture.


In addition, if the message comes directly from the CEO, chairman or similar, it has been found that this increases employees’ confidence in the openness and transparency of the business. The person in charge of the whole business may not be able to make a specific meeting but, if they can communicate directly with staff via video, it can have a very powerful effect in terms of the viewer’s take away from the clip.



It Can Save you Money and Time


Engagement and practicality are all well and good, but a company also needs to keep an eye on its bottom line, and using video for internal communications can help in that area too.


You could use the medium to provide ongoing training for your staff. Not only does this have a positive effect on their work and efficiency, but you also save on booking multiple costly seminar venues to accommodate all of your different departments.


You might also transfer your induction process onto video, streamlining the process and freeing up the members of your HR team who otherwise would be tasked with ‘hand holding’ a new starter for the first few days. You could even send the inductee the video ahead of their first day, helping them to hit the ground running at the beginning of their employment.


If you want to know more about the benefits of using video to keep your employees in the loop, see the Internal Communications page.