Video Marketing

In today’s online world, having a strong social media presence is super important. Probably as important as having a website.  Seriously.


We know it’s great for sharing your latest selfie with your friends, or the latest cute cat video. But, as a business it’s very powerful. It gives you the opportunity to interact with potential customers, generate a buzz about your latest product and create trust in your brand.


Setting up Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram business accounts is the easy bit… but to make them work you need to engage your audience with a steady and interesting stream of content, both video and blog form.


We know many small to medium businesses simply don’t have the capability to consistently do this… which is where we come in!


With Big Zoo Media, our Social Media and Content Management experts will start by analysing your channels, your business and the opportunities. We’ll then begin planning a content strategy and how to effectively implement it before getting into managing the delivery of content on your social media platforms.


Think of us as an extension of your own business…


No matter what your business does, if you want to start building your audience and generate effective leads through social media and content marketing, let us help.

Social Media Advertising



Social Media Advertising is one of the most cost effective advertising methods available.


These days, unless you have a huge audience, driving new sales through organic social media is tough without a targeted social ad campaign.


Which is were we come in! 


Advertising through social media platforms is powerful. For example, over 1.5 billion people use Facebook, with more than 900 million users visiting it on a daily basis. That’s a lot of potential people who can learn about your product!


Depending on what you want your ads to achieve, will depend on what platform we use… whether Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or even YouTube.


With social media ads, we can refine the target audience we advertise to, ensuring that we are reflecting your business and your objectives… and the options available on Facebook are staggering. Want to advertise to a 40 year old Mum, with two kids under 8 who likes shopping at Sainsburys?  We can do that!


We’ll design every part of your campaign, including imagery and even video if we think that will work best. This is the most important part as this is what will make your potential customer click.


Whether you need to drive traffic to your website, gain new leads or simply amplify your content, we can help you.

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