Quick Fixes to Make Your Social Media More Effective

Social media is brilliant for your business because you can keep your customers updated with what you’re offering, interact with them to create a stronger connection and even reach brand new clients all at the same time.  If you would like to harness the power of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the like, Big Zoo offers these quick fixes to make your social media more effective:


Disconnect to Better Connect


Facebook and Instagram go together like Ant and Dec on top form on Saturday Night Takeaway.  This shouldn’t be a surprise, as the two networks are owned by the same company.  Post the perfect pic to your Instagram and, if your account is connected to your Facebook page, you can have it shared there at the same time and it will look great.  However, Instagram and Twitter go together like Ant and Dec in that awful Alien Autopsy film.  Remember that?  No?  Exactly!


When Instagram and Twitter are connected, Instagram followers see the glorious image, but Twitter fans see a snippet of the caption that goes with the pic, usually cut off in the middle, and an Instagram url rather than the image.  It looks messy and is unlikely to entice many people to click.  In fact, it clutters people’s timelines up so much that they may opt to unfollow the account.  It takes a little longer, but posting the updates separately will help you to play to the strengths of both networks.


It is worth remembering that the networks are all different and serve different purposes.  Facebook is a place to share stories, interesting links, and pictures and videos, Instagram is purely pictures and video, whilst Twitter is a real-time stream of consciousness.  If you’re commenting on a TV show as it goes out, Twitter is the place to be and, generally, the updates arrive in people’s streams in sequence.  If your Twitter updates automatically post on Facebook too, your likers could end up reading disjointed random comments three days later, leaving them mightily confused!


Take the time to tailor the content for the correct medium and your fans, likers and followers will appreciate the effort.


Be Sociable on Social Media


If you were making a sale, you wouldn’t just show a customer a picture of your product and walk away, expecting that to be enough to encourage them to make a purchase on the spot, would you?  You engage them, get to know them, find out more about them and make them feel valued. Well, that’s a great way of using social media too!


Try posting updates that ask a question of your users, whether it’s canvassing their opinion on a weighty news story or merely finding out what they are up to over the bank holiday weekend.  This is the beauty of social media for businesses – you can show your personal side in a way that some traditional advertising doesn’t allow.


When followers reply, surprise them by commenting back, if only to thank them.  This DOES take a little time and effort, but it is powerful and means people stop and consider your posts, rather than scrolling past to the next video of a sneezing panda.


Link Link Link


Have a Twitter account?  Stick a link in your Facebook profile.  On Instagram?  List it in your Twitter bio.  If users are interested to follow you on one network, they might try you out on a different platform too, but you have to tell them where to find you.  The more people connect to you, the better chance you have of you message landing and, for every new Like or Follow, their friends and followers are one step closer to discovering you too.  You can never give people enough opportunities to sign up to your marketing!