Our Guide To Getting Video

Why do I need video? How do I get one made? What is the process? How much will it cost? How will people see it?


These are all questions we get asked when we work with businesses. So, we figured we should explain. Here’s our ‘Guide To Getting Video’, which covers all of the above… and more!


why-do-i-need-videoWhy Do I Need Video?


Ok, lets start here. Why do you need video? Well, put simply… video is brilliant! It’s the best way for a business to tell their story and demonstrate their product or service to a target audience.


Video has fast become the most important digital medium around, and the stats back that up. YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine and has over 4 billion video views every single day, with Facebook hot on its heels. So, you can see how powerful it is!



How Do I Get One Made?


You need to hire us! A quality video production company is so important because you need to feel confident your brief will be delivered. We have a great portfolio of work to demonstrate and we will get to know you and your business to ensure we deliver exactly the right product.



What Is The Process?


The process of creating video for your business is wonderfully simple.


Firstly, we take a brief. This first step is crucial as it’s how we see the finished project. We need to understand the purpose of the video. What are your goals? Who is your target audience? What is the call to action (ie. what do you want the viewer to do after watching)? What style would you like? Do you want video or animation? We make sure we ask the right questions so we deliver exactly the right video.


Once we have a full brief, we then put together a concept and decide on a style. After we agree on the concept, we start to script the video. Your input at the early stages of the process is invaluable to ensure we’re clearly delivering your objectives. We then consider length of video and any extras we might need, like voiceover, actors, presenters or music and audio. At this point, we would agree a timescale for your video project.


Then, we go into production. We’ll storyboard the video and find locations. We’ll also consider any disruption to your business if that’s where we’re filming.


Once we’ve worked out everything we need, we’ll start producing your video, working from our approved scripts and storyboards and ensuring your brief is delivered. When that is done, an edit is sent to you for approval and, when you are completely satisfied, it is all yours to share, share, share!



How Much Will It Cost?


pigOne hundred gazillion pounds! No, of course it won’t, that’s ridiculous. But we can’t really give a serious answer without knowing more information about your video project. There are so many variables that costs can vary significantly.


However, we have top notch solutions available to suit all budgets, so talk to us, we can help!



How will people see it?


We don’t just give you the video then disappear, we’ll help you with a strategy to ensure your video reaches the maximum audience.


Once you have your brilliant brand new video, it’s important to let people see it… this isn’t just for showing off in your office! This needs to hit the phones, tablets and desktops of all your potential customers, allowing them to immediately engage with your brand.


You can add it to your website, your preferred video hosting platform, embed into email marketing and of course, share on your social platforms and we can help you maximize the potential of all these outlets.


So, there you go. We told you it was wonderfully simple!