How to Make the Perfect Animated Explainer Video

An animated explainer video is a fantastic way to reach new clients and spread the word about your business. However, simply sharing a good video isn’t enough to encourage the hoards to come knocking down your door – you need the video to be perfect.


Tough ask, right? Make it easier by ensuring you always consider these points before you send that video off on its merry way into the world:



play-button-1Attention Grabbing


The internet contains the sum total of human achievement – everything we’ve ever learnt about the world – not to mention a host of sneezing pandas and people falling off skateboards. This means that you have to stand out from the crowd and grab your viewer’s attention straight away before they move on to try and work out exactly what the secret is that doctors don’t want you to know about.


You could have a video that lasts a minute or more but, if you don’t give the viewer a reason to keep watching in the first eight seconds, most people won’t make it any further. Intrigue them about what’s to come and they’re much more likely to watch to the end.



Make it Clear


Ever asked for clarification on something and ended up more confused than ever? Frustrating isn’t it? That’s exactly what happens if your explainer video message is difficult to understand.


There are two elements that need attention here – the voiceover must be clear and precise, but so must the script that they are reading.


Cut out the industry lingo, simplify the language and keep the description as simple as possible so the narrator can fit it into a tight duration without having to rush and everyone who watches it can understand, even if English is not their first language.



How to Make the Perfect Animated Explainer Video looking-goodLooking Good


The ideal explainer video has an enticing thumbnail to make your potential customers want to click ‘Play’ in the first place. As for the actual video, it should look great and animate well, but beware over-designing the clip so that it detracts from the message you are trying to get across.



Does it Do its Job?


Test the video to make sure it is fit for purpose. It’s an explainer video, so an easy way to check it does what it should is to show it to someone and see if they can describe your product or service having watched the video only once. If they can, then you are on to a winner! If they can’t then you need a rethink; no one is going to stick it on repeat until they finally understand. Remember those sneezing pandas? They’ll be off to watch them again and your video will be forgotten.


If a viewer understands the message you are trying to put across, they are more likely to respond to the calls to action in the video, which is what it’s all about.



What to Take Away


An animated explainer video is all about the audience – it has to be right for them because they are the ones watching, heeding your message and potentially passing it on to their friends. You might be proud to have created a 90 second epic that rivals Citizen Kane in the cinematography stakes, but if the viewer can’t work out what you are selling or how to get hold of your product, it hasn’t worked.


Grab attention, keep it simple, make it shine and ensure it is clear and you will have the perfect explainer video.