How to Make your Content Go Viral

Ever dreamed that someone would do your online marketing for you?  Well, dream no more, because we have the answer – go viral!  Okay, it’s not quite that simple, but if you produce a post that people feel compelled to share, your message will reach hundreds, thousands, possibly millions of potential clients and it’s the viewers and sharers who will do all the heavy lifting!  Perfect.


Now, how do you go about creating viral content? Here’s a handy guide:


Create a Reaction To Go Viral

You stand a great chance of having your post shared if viewers respond emotionally to it. You don’t have to channel Katie Hopkins and start winding people up (although you could if you really wanted to…); you might try and make them laugh; make them cry; make them joyful – anything, as long as it makes them feel something!


If you are planning something contentious, be careful to pre-prepare a level-headed response to any outraged commenters to give your reasons for posting the original content. This is essential because this is your brand at stake.


If you have an emotional campaign, think about releasing it around a relevant holiday or event to capture the mood. For instance, a tale of triumph over adversity might play well during the Paralympics, a feature about dads and their kids could be part of your strategy for Father’s Day, and so on.


Whatever you do, make it relevant to your industry or your message will be lost. You could create the funniest video of all time but, without any link to what you actually do, you won’t reap the benefits.


Simplicity is the Key

You don’t have to employ Steven Spielberg and spend £22 million on CGI to go viral; in fact, the simpler, the better! Take a look at what people are sharing in your timeline – how often have you thought ‘I could have come up with that!’?


Remember Ellen DeGeneras’ Oscars 2014 selfie? That was actually a marketing ploy for Samsung and has now been retweeted more than three million times, but it was just one simple photo!


Seeing is Believing

We are visual beings – we like to be shown content, rather than told about it. As such, having a great video is the perfect way to get noticed. Video is the internet’s biggest trend and nearly two thirds of potential customers are more likely to use your services after watching a video, according to research.


Anyone sharing your viral video is effectively bringing in business for you and, the best bit is, you don’t have to pay them commission!