How Long Does it Take to Make a Professional Video?

duckA professional video that will engage your audience and encourage them to buy into your product is a lot like a duck (bear with me on this one, it will make sense).  A duck glides along the top of a pond, but what you don’t see is its legs going ten-to-the-dozen under the surface in order to keep up the momentum.  With a video, your current and potential customers see a graceful, slick, polished piece of visual joy, but that only comes about thanks to hours slaving over the shooting and editing process.


Okay, it’s not exactly twelve hour shifts down the pit, but picking the perfect shots and piecing them together in a way that promotes your message in the clearest, simplest and most effective way possible takes time.  There are millions of videos out there in cyberspace, you need one that cuts through and leaves a lasting impression, and that’s what takes the time.


You want the stats?  Of course you do – that’s sensible!  Here you go:


stop-watchFairly simple videos with long takes are quicker to edit than those with lots of scenes and cutaways.  The general rule of thumb is around ten hours editing for every one hour of shot footage for a straightforward video and up to 25 hours of editing for every one hour of footage for a complicated piece, which is full of edits.  If we need to add motion graphics or animated elements, even longer.


The time taken to make the perfect is a result of these essential steps that go into creating every video:


  • Importing the footage and documenting what happens in each take in order to pick out the best clips to use.
  • Creating a rough cut.
  • Receiving feedback and revising accordingly.
  • Adding enhancements to the video and audio.
  • Finalising the video, compressing into the desired format and delivering it to you!


Videos tend to rank better in search engines and increase conversion rates.  Making the perfect video might take time, but it is certainly worth it – always remember the duck.


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