Facebook vs YouTube – Who will be number 1 for video?



The Facebook vs YouTube fight to be largest video platform has been going on for some time now.

Facebook already holds the trophy for the worlds largest online network, having 1.49 billion active monthly users according to statista.com, and recently it also claimed to deliver more monthly video views than YouTube. However, this is still questionable due to the way each measures those views. Facebook measure a view after the user has watched just 3 seconds, compared to 30 seconds before YouTube registers one. 





Facebook vs Youtube_Number 1But which platform will claim the number 1 spot for both views and advertisers?


No question, Facebook has seen huge growth with video in the past year, perhaps helped by the somewhat annoying autoplay feature. Regardless of that, in December 2014, Apple TV’s ad ‘The Song’ was watched 20.9 million times on Facebook, compared to just 3.2 million times on YouTube (now 3.6 million). Pretty impressive.


One of the big advantages Facebook does have, is the way people use it. People don’t log into YouTube to ‘check updates’, like they do on Facebook. Also, why would you upload content to YouTube before sharing with your friends on Facebook? Surely it makes more sense to upload directly to Facebook?


However, I’m not sure Facebook will be able to truly compete with YouTube when it comes to searchable content, such as product reviews and commercial videos. Equally, Facebook is more likely to deliver on the viral video front.



Facebook vs Youtube AdvertisersBut what about advertisers?

Firstly, advertisers are attracted to Facebook’s video ads because the users are logged in, which means it’s likely to have more data about them than YouTube can offer. Secondly, it can be far more targeted with its demographics.


But, what is likely to put advertisers off goes back to the charges. Once you have watched 3 seconds of video on Facebook, the advertiser will be charged, as opposed to YouTube who only charge once the ad has run in full. Will you really get value from 3 viewed seconds?




Facebook vs Youtube_mobileAnd finally… to mobile


This is perhaps the biggest influencing factor in the race to number 1.


Surprisingly, YouTube say that just 25% of their views come from a mobile device. Compare that with Facebook, who say more than 75% of global views happen on mobile. Staggering, given that mobile is clearly the way forward.


So, the Facebook vs Youtube battle continues, but who will come out on top? One thing is for sure, Mr Zuckerberg will be throwing everything at this one… and you’d be brave to bet against him.