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Drone Aerial Filming


Drone Filming Service


Drones or UAV’s (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) have become hugely popular in recent years… not just because they are really cool to look at (which they really are!), but because they can add some serious sparkle to your video project.


Gone are the days of having to spend huge amounts of money on helicopters to get aerial shots, with drones you can achieve those same shots at a fraction of the cost.


Whether you need some aerial footage for a standalone piece, or integrated into a bigger project to add another perspective. It’s not just up in the sky either! Our operators are skilled at flying within internal spaces too, giving a style of shot that are impossible to create using traditional methods.


Using the latest HD drones, we can film in 1080HD or 4K and can also shoot high quality slow motion footage, depending on the project specifications. Our flight operators are CAA approved, are fully insured for commercial work and follow the strict commercial guidelines for every flight.