On an undiscovered island on the other side of the world, Didi and her friends bring excitement and adventure to the lives of fellow dinosaurs with the help of ‘sea treasure’ washed up from unknown human lands.

Didi the Dinosaur


Didi the Dinosaur lives on an undiscovered island on the other side of the world. She explores with her best friends Albi and Lili, under the watchful eye of Grami and Grampi while their parents go to work. While taking a dip in the sea or playing beach volleyball (taking care not to pop the ball with their horns!) the trio discover mysterious objects washed up from an unknown human world. They can only guess what they are – but Grampi likes to collect them, while Grami pretends to know all about them, prompting tall tales about her past. The friends team up to find new uses for their sea treasure – helping a fellow dinosaur, fixing a problem or simply having fun.

Didi’s world

Didi’s home is an undiscovered island paradise on the other side of the world. The friendly community has evolved into a sophisticated, eco-friendly society making use of human-created objects washed up on the beach. Everyday the seashore reveals new surprises, the dinosaurs keep their island clean by recycling, reusing and repairing the sea treasure – unaware of their original purpose. Problems and mysteries arise… but Didi and her friends are always ready to help.


Celebrating with a “Hi-five” tail spin.

Character Profiles


Didi is a feisty young raptor and the hero of the show. Brave and clever, she’s always ready to jump into action with a clever plan. Her naivety sometimes gets her into scrapes – but her friends are there to turn things around.


Albi is a loveable T-Rex, the baby of the group but the biggest. Always cuddling Oink – a pine cone he’s adopted as a favourite toy – he’s fearless and adventurous, often the first to race ahead to investigate. If only he knew his own strength…


Lili is a little triceratops, sweet and gentle, the mother figure of the group. Smart and studious, she zooms on her skateboard to keep up with her friends. Sometimes she shies away from the action – but when it counts, she’s right there to muck in.


Grampi’s scrap yard is bursting with objects discovered on the beach. Always working hard, he’s intrigued by items from another world. With the children’s help, a flute becomes a back-scratcher, or an iPad a place to fry eggs in the hot sun.


Grami may or may not be someone’s gran, but all the children love her. Slick and businesslike, she captivates the little ones with tall tales of her youth when the world was new. Grown-ups roll their eyes – but the stories inspire Didi and friends. 


Flossi is a sleepy Stegosaurus who also happens to be the island’s mayor. Her huge family of fast, agile siblings makes her look slow. But her tendency to snooze puts her in the right place to solve a puzzle or spot something others have missed.


Posti is a Plesiosaur who delivers letters from the sea, rolled up in bottles – bringing new mysteries that fascinate the children. He also runs a repair shop, transforming old rusty objects into shiny, useful gadgets that bring something new to the island. 

Demographics and Intent


Didi the Dinosaur is created for boys and girls aged 2 to 6 years old.


While being exciting and adventurous the show contains the repeated theme of ‘recycle, reuse and repair’. This isn’t something that’s usually tackled in a show of this demographic but is an important issue that is learned about in primary education. As well as the over arching eco friendly theme, the shows core values focus on friendship, teamwork and kindness.


Didi the Dinosaur is in development for a traditional TV audience, before being streamed on an online service.



Didi the Dinosaur is the creation of Tom Hopper, one of the founding members of Big Zoo Media.


Tom is an award winning radio producer working for both Bauer Media and the BBC. After 10 years in both on-air and station sound production he and a fellow producer (Kevin Paver) set up Big Zoo Media. Originally set up as an audio production house the company diversified into animation and video production before in 2017 specialising down into solely animation and motion graphics.


In 2019 Tom’s son Archie was born. From an early age he became obsessed with dinosaurs but didn’t like any of the existing animated series – choosing to stick with favourites such as Peppa Pig and Paw Patrol. Tom started to create a short animated dinosaur .gifs that went down well with a fussy 1 year old. Didi was born and was soon joined by an ever expanding group of friends.