Corporate Video Production Services



You need to raise awareness for your product. You want to show people how good the service your company provides. You want to be front of mind in a market that is increasingly competitive.


You need video…


Videos are key to our everyday internet use now. In addition, marketers have embraced the medium because we much prefer to be shown how something works than be told.  We can take videos wherever we go – on the train, into a meeting, even into the toilet if you’re that sort of person.  And video is only going to get bigger.


In 2017, video is set to be responsible for 69% of everything a normal user consumes online.  That will rise to 82% in 2020 – you can see now why Facebook head honcho Mark Zuckerberg called video a “mega trend, almost as big as mobile.”  If anyone should know, it’s him.


People stick around on a page with video content longer… fact.  Online video is so popular, big marketers are taking their money out of TV and spending it on internet clips.


Users who watch a video about a product are 81% more likely to buy it than those who don’t and those that watch videos they like are extremely likely to share it with others.


Video puts your message across in the simplest manner possible and it leads to more conversions than any other medium!


Whether it’s a product, in-house training or an event, we know how important your video project is.