How Does an Animated Explainer Video Help Your Business?

There’s no question that animated explainer videos look slick and exciting and it’s great to see your business represented in such a medium, but what value do you get out of it?  Well, as luck would have it, there are loads of ways in which these videos boost your presence, streamline your message and put you in front of more potential customers.  Take a look at these three for starters:


Simplify Your Message


Yes, you could send prospective clients a 350-page brochure explaining every single facet of your business in excruciating detail, but it won’t grab their attention, will it?  An animated explainer video requires you to pick out the key, golden information that tells viewers exactly why they need your product or service.


Once you’ve hooked them with the headlines, that’s the moment to bring out the finer details and seal the deal.  You need the explainer video to capture their attention in the first place; anything that helps you focus on your simplest and most effective sales message has to be a massive bonus, right?


Convert Those Views


Endless surveys of the sort of people you want to attract to your product say that they are more likely to buy an item or pay for a service if they have watched a video that gives them all the relevant information they need.


Having an animated explainer video puts you head and shoulders above your competitors and means that, once they have found you, users are more likely to turn from passive viewer to actual, real-life customer.  You simply can’t overstate the power of video these days.


Google and Facebook Will Love You


If you want to rank on Google’s front page for your required keywords, you need great content that keeps people on your site.  If visitors click through to your website to find a lengthy wall of text, they are more inclined to hit the ‘Back’ button, pushing your bounce rate up and warning Google that your page isn’t fulfilling the needs of those who searched.


If a picture paints a thousand words, an animated explainer video paints a few more on top of that, informing the viewer without making them face down a big block of writing.  It keeps people on your site for longer and encourages them to click internal links to find out more.  That is the sort of sweet music Google loves to hear.


Similarly, uploading a video to Facebook’s own video hosting service is the best way to get Mark Zuckerberg and co to look upon you favourably.  Posting a text status is fine, posting a picture is better, but video is king in the world of social media and Facebook’s mysterious algorithm will push it up the timelines of your followers.


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