These 7 Stats Are Proof You Need Video in Your Marketing Strategy


At Big Zoo Media, we love video as much as we love helping businesses thrive by crafting the perfect clips for them. If you’re still not sold on why you need video in your marketing strategy, here are seven stats that prove it is the king of content.



87% of Marketers Produce Online Video



There’s a reason that nearly nine out of ten online marketers turn to video to get their message across – it works. You can get the maximum amount of information directly to your audience in an easily digestible and perfectly shareable manner. Get it right and the people who love your video will spread the word about your business on your behalf!



Those Who Use Use Video For Marketing Boost Their Revenue 49% Faster Than Those Who Don’t



This really doesn’t need any further explanation does it? It really works.



Video Makes Up a Third of Our Online Time



Think about how long the average person spends online – a third of that is devoted to watching video. When you think that the other two thirds include the boring, essential stuff like checking your banking, answering emails and looking up ex-partners on Facebook, it shows that people love watching video for fun, to be entertained or to learn. You need to take advantage of that right now.



82% of Twitter Users Watch Video on the Platform



Video and social media is a potent combination. When you get a video made, it looks great on your website (of course), but Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and all the rest can make it fly. The majority of social media users consume video and they are all potential clients for your business.



Video is Shared 12 Time More Than Text and Pictures Combined



If people love a video, they’ll pass it on. That’s perfect for your marketing needs.



Nearly Half of Users Watch Videos on Facebook or YouTube for More than an Hour Every Week



That’s a lot of video to consume and some of it could be your clip, explaining what it is your business does, to a whole host of new customers.



More Than a Billion People Use YouTube



That’s a third of all internet users and a sixth of the entire world. One sixth of all people use what is the world’s biggest video database and, interestingly, the second biggest search engine behind parent company Google.


If you want to find out more about how Big Zoo Media can help you with making the perfect video, take a look at the work we’ve already done and give us a shout. We’ll stick the kettle on – come and visit for a brew and a chat.